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Written on Wednesday, 18. March 2015, 01:21 by kevin biesty

dude, you left $30 million dollars on the table by turning down the Isles contract! you'll never see any of that money next deal, your agent should kick your ass.

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Written on Sunday, 15. March 2015, 14:18 by Jörg Ebner

Hallo Thomas.

Gratulation zu deinem 600 Punkt in der NHL!

Ganz Österreich ist stolz auf Dich! Wir drücken Dir die Daumen für Deine jagdt nach dem StanlyCup!!!

Liebe Grüße aus dem Grünen Herzen von Österreich!!!


#Wildfan #Graz99ers Fan

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Written on Thursday, 12. March 2015, 17:20 by kriphidhm

Officials also hope to exact climate commitments in New Delhi, where air quality warnings remained in place even during Obama's visit. That's a contrast to Obama's trip late last year to Beijing, where roads were cleared and the air cleansed of its usual smog ahead of the Pr

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Written on Monday, 09. March 2015, 09:40 by Bryan Parker

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Written on Tuesday, 24. February 2015, 02:32 by Tim

Mr. Vanek,

I am sorry for taking the puck that you tossed over the glass for that little kid in Dallas. I was trying to get a puck for my daughter, and I did. But, it was not right of me to do that because you were trying to give the puck to that little kid. And, to make it worse, I was wearing a Gopher jersey at the time. Maybe I was lucky the glass was in between us.

Anyway, in case you don't remember it, you and Suter came by, gave me an evil stare and the kid another puck.

Again, I apologize for being such a jerk and hope that you will extend my apology to Mr. Suter, as well.

Good Luck.


Tim Pratt

Wild Fan in Dallas

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