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Tom's best goals on video

8.30 minutes of pure emotion: Here are Tom’s best goals in one great video.

On the occasion of the book presentation of Tom’s biography “The Game of my Life” a video was shown as intro and during breaks presenting Tom’s best goals and most spectacular scenes. To shorten the time until the beginning of the new season you can now see this video online.

Accompanied by Delicious Red’s “Euphoria (The Vanek Song)” you can see a whole motherload of Vanek goals right from his first ever NHL goal against Carolina to his 4-goal-night in Ottawa this spring.

A few words regarding the video: The intro shows outtakes from the Buffalo News about the horrible plane crash in February 2009. After that you see Jason Pominville’s (originally Craig Rivet’s) equalizer against San Jose on the following night which directly leads into the Vanek highlight reel. So, why this intro? Because the plane crash and the game against San Jose are the framework for the book “The Game of my Life”.

We hope you enjoy the video. You can get your copy of “The Game of my Life” (only in German) from our undefinedonline-store and from undefinedAmazon. You can download “Euphoria (The Vanek Song) by undefinedDelicious Red from undefinedAmazon and undefinediTunes.

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